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Why does the Victoria Foundation think it needs to reassess its grantmaking at this time?

As Victoria Foundation approaches the end of a century of giving, we feel the time is right to take a step back and consider how to have the greatest possible impact in light of the needs, challenges, and opportunities Newark faces today. 

Most families in Newark struggle daily to make ends meet as they confront the debilitatingly narrow range of choices their economic situation offers. The persistence of poverty and inequality in Newark, despite decades of dedicated efforts by nonprofits, community leaders, and local funders, is causing Victoria Foundation to reassess how best to use our resources. Like many of you, we are asking ourselves what we can do differently to attack the root causes of intergenerational poverty and community disinvestment. What can be done to shift the dynamics that reproduce them, year after year? History teaches us that these dynamics stem from structural and institutional racism and segregation, and that shifting them will not be easy. Trustees and staff feel the need to take stock of the possibilities for ending entrenched economic scarcity and find the strategies needed to make Newark a place of broadly-shared prosperity and opportunity for all its residents.


How will you minimize disruption for your grantees during this planning period?

Rest assured, in no way is our planning process aimed at diminishing the Foundation’s commitment to its mission. Rather, we believe that we will be able to fulfill that mission more powerfully, as a better, stronger partner to everyone involved in the mission of helping our city and its people reach their full potential. Though we will temporarily suspend Victoria’s grantmaking activities after the Fall 2019 grant cycle, most grants made in 2019 will be awarded over a two-year timeframe. 

Trustees and staff recognize that all Victoria Foundation grantees are engaged in important, time-sensitive work, and we appreciate that there will be questions and concerns about our decision to take 2020 as a planning year. Please know that we will seek to make this pause in our grant cycle minimally disruptive and to schedule ample opportunities to speak with our grantees directly. 

Will everyone who has funding now receive a two-year grant? 

Most grant awards made in 2019 will be for a two-year period. Each grantee award letter will explain the details specific to those grants.

When will we find out if we are getting a two-year grant?

Grantee letters will be sent at the usual times: shortly after the June and December Victoria Foundation trustees meetings.

Should fall-cycle grantees submit a two-year proposal request?

No, they should submit the usual one-year request and Victoria trustees will determine the length of the grant award.

When will you announce your new strategic direction?

We anticipate sharing the results of our planning in 2021.  

Do you anticipate an increase or decrease in funding for Newark organizations?

Newark is – and will continue to be -- at the heart of Victoria Foundation’s mission. Beyond that, we don’t know what the results of our strategic discussions will be.

Do you anticipate funding more or fewer organizations? 

The goal of this reflection and planning year is to ascertain whether the Foundation can achieve greater impact with its resources. At this early stage, it is not possible to know the effect this might have on the number of grantees.

Will you continue to fund environment efforts outside of Newark?

As we are doing with the Newark-focused grantmaking, trustees will reflect on and review our environment grant making during the 2020 planning year.

Will you solicit input from your grantees and other external groups during this planning process?

Yes. It’s very important to us that the voices of Victoria Foundation grantees be heard. As plans for our strategic discussions are formulated, we will inform grantees of opportunities to provide input.

Will this process involve staff changes at Victoria?

We have no plans at this time to make changes in our staff.

Will program officers be accessible during this planning process?

Yes, we want our grantees to have the same level of contact with program staff as always.

What will be the criteria for deciding whether a grantee is funded after 2020?

Developing such criteria will be part of our strategic planning process in 2020.

What is your plan for grantees who won’t be renewed?

As part of the planning process in 2020, we will determine how to provide transition assistance to many of those grantees whose work no longer aligns with Victoria Foundation’s strategy. It is too early to say what particular kinds of assistance will be provided. 

What are the Fall 2019 grant cycle dates?

All dates are subject to change.  Please check www.victoriafoundation.org for current information.  


  • Letter of Intent (Stage 1) Deadline -  June 21, 2019
  • Full Proposal (Stage 2) Invite Emailed - July 8, 2019
  • Full Proposal Deadline - August 1, 2019


  • Application Link Emailed - June 18, 2019
  • Application Deadline - July 18, 2019


  • Application Link Emailed - August 15, 2019
  • Application Deadline - September 15, 2019

Fall 2019 Applicants notified of Results - December 2019

I have a question that isn’t covered here. What should I do? 

Please reach out to Victoria’s Grants Manager or your Program Officer.

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