Our Priorities


Strengthening community power and generational well-being in Newark

Our philanthropic approach is grounded in relationships. We seek to develop deep relationships with residents, leaders, and organizations, each cultivated with time and trust. Our partnerships with community organizations, with government, and with other foundations expand the reach of what’s possible for residents of Newark.

We focus resources on systemic causes of generational poverty and inequality in Newark by supporting and uplifting the power held by communities to create generational change for themselves. To that end, we have adopted a framework to strengthen community power, foster economic justice, promote youth self-determination, and respond to pressing needs.

  • Strengthen community power by supporting community-led organizations, coalitions, projects, and causes that use organizing, advocacy, and movement-building to create systemic change in Newark.
  • Foster economic justice to build economic security, community wealth, and prosperity for Newark residents, particularly those most impacted by racial wealth inequity.
  • Promote youth self-determination by supporting platforms for young people to expand their power in determining a future for themselves, their families, and their communities.
  • Respond to pressing needs when urgency requires it, temporarily serving as a stopgap to meet community needs in Newark.

We will have more information about our priority areas in summer 2024.

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