NextGen Grantmakers Fund

NextGen Grantmakers Fund Application is now closed. Please stay tuned for updates!

Victoria Foundation, in partnership with The Gem Project, launched the 2023-2024 NextGen Grantmakers Fund.

Since August 2022, nine Newark youth have worked together to learn the grant application process as funders. Together, they established grant parameters and criteria, crafted mission and vision statements, and learned about all the ways in which grantmaking and philanthropy affect their local neighborhoods.   

Cohort (left to right): Rashanna James-Frison, Kennedy Robertson, Jordan Pugh, Maya Ratzan, Veronica Amoakoh, Kassy Patino, Yasmina Ouedraogo, Aziz Mixson, Umar Opoola. Photo credit: Chrys Davis


Mission Statement:

As NextGen Grantmakers, we will cater to the youth and the city as a whole. By funding nonprofits in Newark, we will provide the community with ways of creating a better, more sustainable society. We want to inspire the students of Newark to follow their passions, give back to the community, and achieve their dreams.

Vision Statement:

As the NextGen Grantmakers, we want to create a chosen family that gives new opportunities to the youth of Newark, so they find a safe space and want to give back to their communities to ensure a more stable future.


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